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About Us

OpenDataDSL is the data management programming language.

What we do

Data Aggregation

We are a data aggregator that collects data from multiple sources and combines it into a single, organized database. The aim is to provide a comprehensive and centralized source of information, which can be used for various purposes such as market research, business intelligence, data analytics, portfolio pricing etc.

Data Management and Governance Tools

Data governance refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an organization. It involves establishing policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines for collecting, storing, using, and disposing of data. The goal of data governance is to ensure that data is trustworthy and supports the objectives of the organization while protecting it from risk. Data governance involves collaboration among stakeholders from various departments, including IT, legal, and business, to ensure that data is managed in a consistent, efficient, and effective manner.


Through the use of our workflow tools, you can automate repetitive, manual tasks associated with managing, processing, and analyzing data. Our goal is to reduce the time and resources required to complete these tasks and to increase the accuracy and consistency of the data. Data automation can improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of data management processes, enabling organizations to make better-informed decisions, respond to changes more quickly, and increase the value of their data assets.

Meet The Company

Our Story

After many years of building and using data management systems, we condensed all this knowledge and expertise into a domain specific language (DSL) which encapsulates all aspects of data management in a simple and intuitive way. The key advantage of using a DSL for data management is that it provides a specialized and efficient way to work with data, making it easier to perform complex data operations.

We are passionate about all aspects of data management and continue to build and improve our platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make high quality, flexible and low cost data modelling, management and reporting for all sizes of businesses and all types of markets.

We aim to make the world's freely available pricing and fundamental data more accessible.

Our Technology

As a cloud SAAS company, we leverage elastic scaling and serverless technology to provide high quality, high performance, world scale software and services.

We make it easier for clients to move their data and processes into the cloud.

Meet The Team

Colin Hartley

Founder and CEO

Colin has been building data management systems since the 1990's and has worked for various prestigious companies such as B.P. and Deutsche Bank. Colin was the founder of DataGenic in 2002 who specialised in Energy and Commodity data aggregation and data management systems. Colin designed and built their award-winning software and was CTO until the company was sold to Enverus in 2017.

Using experience from many years of building data management systems used by some of the world's largest energy and commodity companies, Colin has designed and built OpenDataDSL - the data management programming language.

Kodandaramu Rangaiah

Founder and COO

Kodandaramu (Ram) Rangaiah has been working in IT Industry for the last 20 years based in Bangalore. Ram started DataGenic India in 2006 and was responsible for the management of all operations in the Bangalore office and was the primary developer for the DataGenic data management systems.

Ram worked previously in Sonata Software, Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers which provided exposure to the latest technologies and business domain knowledge.

Sunil Ramesh

Head of User Experience

Sunil has been working in the IT industry for the last 20 years for companies such as Walter & Walter Intl. (Mauritius), DataGenic and Enverus. Sunil primarily works on front-end UI/UX development and has years of experience developing full-fledged products and e-commerce sites.

Sunil has developed products such as i-TexLite (textile industry software), Tax-i (taxation software for Mauritius govt.) and has worked on various e-commerce sites for French and German clients. For DataGenic he built the entire Genic DataManager front-end, exposing a powerful extensibility framework for clients to integrate custom extensions and plugins.

Sunil now heads up the UX team working on the front-ends for the web, excel and mobile platforms for OpenDataDSL.

Shubha Swaroop

Head of Data Operations

Shubha is a hands-on Finance, Energy and Commodity data specialist, experienced in data solutions and client services for over 13 years. Her journey started in DataGenic where she worked with data vendors and built out the DataGenic DataHub and the operational data support team.

Her expertise is in data quality compliance, data analysis and converting business requirements into functional specifications.

Shubha now heads up the Data Operations team building out the OpenDataDSL public data repository and helping clients to build their proprietary data repository.

Dr. Anja Vinzelberg

Head of Data Analytics

Anja enriches the team with many years of industry experience as a data consumer.

After studying mathematics and economics she worked for Reuters risk management solutions working with customers in the financial banking industry. This was followed by working in the risk management team of a family-owned oil company and more recently working in the data management team from DataGenic.

At DataGenic she utilised her business knowledge and became the SME for forward curves for any commodity class within customer projects in Europe and the United States.

Anja now utilises her almost 20 years of in-depth expertise in data management solutions and data science and is successfully bridging the technical team with the business users.

Renato Vieira

Business Development Manager

Renato is a seasoned Sales Professional, with over 20 years of experience in the Energy Commodities Data Industry working at various software companies in the Energy Sector.

His previous experience at DataGenic, along with his language skills made is tenure a success by adding logos to the client list and building client relationships all across Europe.

He now joins OpenData DSL to promote the next generation of Market Data Management Software based on a true Saas Platform that goes beyond being simply a data feed and a curve builder.

OpenDataDSL Ltd. Registered in the UK no: 11489767