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Partnership Program

· One min read
Colin Hartley

A partnership program for growth

An active, collaborative partnership program with a commitment to mutual growth and success.

London, UK (May 1st 2024) OpenDataDSL, a leading provider of commodity data management software, today launched their partnership program.


The aim of our partnership program is to create an alliance of complimentary companies with a common goal of ensuring our clients have access to best-in-breed, trusted providers.

Over the coming months, we will establish an ecosystem of strategic partners in the following areas of expertise:

  • ETRM/CTRM Software Vendors

    We primarily provide data and build curves to feed into ETRM/CTRM systems

  • Project Management and Implementation Specialists

    Trusted service companies with experience and expertise in the energy and commodity industry

  • Data Providers

    Providers of energy and commodity pricing and fundamentals

  • Complementary Software Vendors

    Any related software that we can integrate with that adds value for the customer

Interested in becoming a partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner, email our partners team at