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Premium Plan

With the OpenDataDSL premium plan, you get all the features of the community and standard plans.

Premium Plan Features

Workflows and processes

You can schedule processes to run workflows or scripts to automate business tasks.

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Process monitoring in the Web Portal

The OpenDataDSL Web Portal has additional functionality allowing you to monitor and manage your processes in real-time

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Data subscriptions and message queues

Integrate your data and processes with on-premise applications and databases using message queues. Create subscriptions for data to be pushed to your own managed message queues.

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Access to pre-built data loaders

Any data that is not freely distributable can be loaded into your own private database. We build and provide loaders for lots of subscribed data. You can add these loaders to your private database, configuring your own credentials .

If you want us to build you a loader that we don't currently have, simply email our data team -

Private managed storage

You get 6Gb (per tenant) of MongoDB Atlas data storage included in your plan price.

Additional storage is chargeable at £250/10Gb/month

Process Executions

You get 250 process executions/month included in your plan price.

Additional process executions are chargeable at £25/250 executions/month

Getting Started

To get started, click the Portal button in the title bar which will direct you to the web portal to sign up.