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Buy or Build?

· 4 min read
Colin Hartley

Starting a Data Management project?

Do you decide to buy from a software vendor or build from scratch?

Maybe there is a better way?

At the start of a project to build a data management system, or simply getting a data feed to feed into an internal system, there are generally 2 considerations to make:

  1. Do we buy readily available software?
  2. Do we build something from scratch?

The decision of whether to buy or build a data management solution for your project depends on several factors, including:

  • Requirements: Determine what specific features and capabilities you need and if they are readily available in existing solutions.
  • Budget: Consider the cost of purchasing a commercial solution versus the time and resources needed to develop your own solution.
  • Time to Rollout: Evaluate if you can afford the time and resources required to build your own solution, or if you need a solution that is up and running quickly.
  • In-house Expertise: Assess the expertise of your team to develop and maintain the solution, and the availability of external resources if required.
  • Integration: Consider how the solution will integrate with other systems and tools in your technology stack.

Ultimately, the decision to buy or build will depend on the specific needs of your project, budget, and organizational constraints.

Both options have their pros and cons, the table below shows a comparison for a typical small to medium data management project:

Time to rollout3-6 months>12 months
User ExperienceHighLow/Non-existent
Developer and API accessMediumLow
Upgrades3 monthly/annuallyIntially Monthly then likely rarely

3rd Option

There is a 3rd option that contains the best of both worlds!

Best of both worlds!

Utilise pre-built components to rapidly build a data management system, whilst giving your users a professional user experience

The OpenDataDSL Way

OpenDataDSL is THE Data Management Programming Language specifically built for collecting, managing, using and reporting data.

Our vision is to give companies the tools required to build a world-scale data management system which you can 'white-label' to make it your own.

You can combine the flexibility and cost savings of building your own with the quality, durability and greater user experience of buying off-the-shelf.

What do you get?

  • A Data Catalog with public, freely-distributable data and pre-built data loaders for paid-for data
  • Data management specific language to rapidly build your own components and interaction
  • All data and processes reside in the CLOUD, so there are zero on-site costs
  • In-built handling of
    • Timeseries
    • Forward Curves
    • Smart Curves (Your proprietary curves)
    • Matrices (Options/Correlation/Covariance etc.)
    • Events (IOT/Market Messages etc.)
  • Define your own data model or extend ours to suit your own unique data
  • Create powerful, user-friendly workflows to map out your business processes
  • Schedule processes to automate tasks such as collecting and loading data or running complex algorithms
  • Define events that trigger processes enabling smooth synchronous automation of tasks
  • Free use of ALL our software and tools - that includes:
  • Customise the domain and user experience of all tools to make it your own
  • Fully supported and documented REST API
  • Secure user authentication and access control using your own Azure Active Directory

What are the benefits?

  • Quick initial set-up, simply sign-up for a free account and start building!
  • Low cost, only pay for what you use and a free trial enabling you to try-out our services with zero cost
  • Flexible, smart and relevant - utilising robust cloud technology
  • Customisable - utilise your own database or use ours, it is your choice
  • Highly scalable utilising serverless technology
  • Multiple data environments - create your own test environment, independent of your production environment

How does it compare?

Time to rollout3-6 months>12 months1-3 months
User ExperienceHighLow/Non-existentHigh
Developer and API accessMediumLowHigh
Upgrades3 monthly/annuallyIntially Monthly then likely rarelyMonthly

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